KlikOn KlikOff







Inbuilt Wall Switch Receiver

Featuring KlikOn KlikOff’s® Next Generation System

On/Off and Dimmer

Fits behind existing wall switches

Dim manually with existing wall switch

210 watt Capacity

Dimensions 42x45x14

In conjunction with your existing wall switches, you can now incorporate the KlikOn KlikOff® system. You can install the LWMR-210 behind your existing switch and still allow for manual use. The LWMR-210 can be used to dim your lights using your existing wall switch. If using in conjunction with a transformer, we recommend using Allume Panda 60, Lucci Project LUC60, Stylelite Style60, Luxman ETH60.202 or Inlite 710-40 transformer, as inferior products may cause damage to the unit and your lights.